NolaCycle is a project aimed to create a high quality cycling map of New Orleans. Cycling maps include information beyond just streets and their names that benefits cyclists. In our map, we highlight the pavement quality, car travel speed, lane width, and special caution areas (busy intersections, man-eating potholes, or high accident areas). Volunteers help to collect this data by attending mapping events.
The information is then digitized to make a map of the data we collected to help cyclists - young, old, local, and tourist alike - navigate New Orleans.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

More meet-ups scheduled

Well, Lauren is headed back to Cincinnati for a few months, but Tom and I will be keeping NolaCycle going strong. We had a great group of people, mostly Tulane and Loyola students, help out this past weekend. We'll be doing a lot more mapping in the Uptown area over the next few weeks, so we look forward to seeing y'all some more.

We're gonna take a week off and then start mapping again on Sept 27 & 28. The full schedule through mid-October is below:

Saturday September 27th, 4pm - Freret St. at McAlister Dr. Mapping Freret and Uptown.

Sunday September 28th, 4pm - Freret St. at McAlister Dr. Mapping Broadmoor.

Saturday October 4th, 4pm - Comiskey Park. Mapping Mid-City/Treme.

Sunday October 5th, 4pm - Park at Esplanade and Grand Rte St John. Mapping 7th Ward/Fairgrounds.

Saturday October 11th, 4pm - Palmer Park. Mapping Hollygrove.

Sunday October 12th, 4pm - Samuel Square. Mapping Central City.

Hopefully we're done with hurricanes and we'll be able to get a couple weekends of good fun meet-ups complete. We plan on having events through October and then take a weekend off for Voodoo Fest. See y'all on the 27th.


  1. Dan, once you get into October, it's going to be really nice out. You can do afternoon events, like at 3 or 4. Then you don't run into the chance of it getting dark too early.

  2. Where is Comiskey Park? Google Map made no sense.

  3. Comiskey Park is near the intersection of Tulane Ave and Jeff Davis Hwy in Mid-City - technically at the corner of jeff Davis and Dhemecourt Street. It'll be on your left if you're coming from uptown.